Public-Private Partnerships

Morningstar’s team-oriented approach to Public-Private Partnerships brings experience and expertise to the creation and implementation of partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Morningstar lawyers handled the first Special Assessment District in North Carolina and remain on the leading edge of creating and implementing public-private partnerships involving:

  • Special assessment improvement districts
  • Synthetic tax increment financing
  • Development agreements

Our team-oriented lawyers focus on building relationships that are vital to the success of our client’s developments. We have broad experience working with the engineers, architects, landscape architects, and economists who also play a key role in garnering public support through the creation of a project that meets both the goals of local government and the developer.

To that end, we have worked with many city managers, city attorneys, planning directors, and other local government administrative staff persons, bringing many years of practical experience and credibility to our clients and their teams.

Of course, the financing of infrastructure represents the raison d’etre of public-private partnerships. We have played a key role in mixed use, hospitality and warehouse/distribution developments that required public investment to be feasible and profitable.

Morningstar lawyers have represented our clients while working in smaller towns and larger cities across North Carolina. We have hands-on experience with negotiating, both with elected and key administrative officials, development agreements, special assessment improvement districts and synthetic tax increment financing to the end of developing a successful project.

At the end of the day, if the numbers do not work, there is no project. Implementing a public-private partnership at a project’s inception can be the difference in bringing a complex project to a successful result. Knowing the options available to local governments and assembling the right team are key steps towards an effective public-private partnership. Morningstar Law Group can help with identifying and accomplishing those critical path milestones.


Our public-private partnerships attorneys are:


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