Risk Management

Dispute Prevention and Early Case Evaluation

Disagreements — and sometimes significant ones — are a fact of life in business.

We understand that you did not go into business to spend your efforts and energy dealing with disputes. Let us help you avoid spending undue time, money and resources wrestling with disputes that could be ended early or avoided entirely.

Dispute Prevention and Risk Management

Wise prevention practices and dispute management techniques can help your business prevent and control problems that have the potential to evolve into disputes that interrupt your business.

If your business experiences disputes that interfere with business relationships and interrupt the success of the mission of the enterprise, it would be wise to consider a risk management strategy. Joint-ventures, supply agreements, or other services agreements often are ripe for problems that could evolve into disruptive disputes.

Let Morningstar’s risk management attorneys help you implement dispute reduction practices that will enable you to minimize, and potentially eliminate, these interruptions.

Risk management practices can involve developing internal company processes for addressing disputes. Specific policies will be put in place to address different types of conflict and include dispute resolution processes for third-party contracts.

Our business lawyers collaborate across practice areas to create the most practical and efficient processes to prevent business disputes.

Early Case Evaluation

When a significant business dispute does erupt, risk management practices can save your business unnecessary expenditures. An early investment of time allows you to evaluate the likely outcomes of the dispute and determine the best course of action.

Our experienced litigators can help you evaluate:

  • Your risks of loss (both monetary and otherwise)
  • Your best possible outcome
  • What level of resources it could take to get there
  • The best strategy for getting your business its best outcome considering your business objectives

Our risk management practices attorneys are:


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