Information Security and Privacy Law

Information security and privacy law deals with the storage and use of personal information that can be collected by a business. While many businesses and organizations recognize the value of having customer information, they must be sure to comply with a myriad of state and federal laws that govern the treatment of this sensitive information.

Morningstar Law Group provides assistance in a variety of information security and privacy law matters. Our legal services include:

  • Assisting clients in their compliance with federal and state data privacy and security statutes and regulations
  • Assisting in drafting and negotiating contracts that deal with the security and handling of personal information
  • Advising on HIPAA and related healthcare privacy matters, including compliance with HITECH and the Omnibus Rule for business associates
  • In collaboration with a network of foreign attorneys, assisting with compliance with EU Data Protection Directive and other international privacy laws, including EU safe harbor matters and other strategies for managing data transfer from the EU to the United States
  • Preparing privacy policies and information security policies that reflect applicable legal requirements and reasonable business practices
  • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating information security agreements
  • Counseling on policies and practices relating to employee privacy and information security
  • Assisting clients in responding to data breaches, including complying with applicable data breach disclosure requirements and preparing appropriate communications related to data breaches.


Morningstar Law Group is a full-service business law firm that can help organizations navigate the complex regulations around privacy law. We bring a practical, bottom-line approach to the handling of complex privacy and security issues and focus on risk management practice to avoid potential problems.

Our information security and privacy attorneys are:

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