Core Principles

Morningstar Law Group is based on the following shared principles:

Clients First

We put our clients first and let client priorities – not firm priorities – take precedence.   We serve as trusted advisors for our clients and are dedicated to being partners with our clients, not merely vendors.  That means tailoring our scope of services and fee structure around our clients’ needs, understanding their business, and looking for value-add opportunities.  It also means that rates must reflect the local market.

A New Model

We believe the practice of law has fundamentally changed and that a new type of firm is necessary to best serve clients going forward.  We deploy the latest technologies to enhance efficiencies and responsiveness.  We minimize internal infrastructure and non-attorney personnel, allowing us to operate a low-overhead, high-touch model focused around partner-level attention to legal problems.

A True Partnership

We are dedicated to creating a healthy, cohesive work environment among our attorneys.  That means recognizing and rewarding a variety of contributions to the firm, treating attorneys in an equitable and respectful manner, and providing meaningful involvement in decision making.  We understand that attorneys and staff have a variety of lifestyle and family needs.  We believe that focusing on creating a true partnership among our attorneys leads to higher productivity and better client service.

Value & Flexibility

We demonstrate our ‘clients first’ attitude by offering real value and flexibility to our clients.  Our low overhead, low leverage model allows us to deliver real savings for our clients that impact their bottomline.  We utilize creative billing structures and alternative fee arrangements that match the needs of our clients – not simply firm needs.

Experienced & Practical Attorneys

Our attorneys are experienced, senior level partners from major law firms in the region.  We are coming together to provide exceptional service and value for our clients in the Triangle and beyond.  As senior attorneys with a wealth of experience, we know how to solve clients’ legal problems in a practical, real world manner.  We focus on achieving results that justify the cost of sophisticated legal services.

Full Service Business Law Firm

We believe we can best serve our clients through a full service business law firm model.    Our practice areas include, among others, Corporate, Securities, Employment, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Real Estate.  We are not a boutique practice.  We provide sophisticated, partner-level service, recognizing that our clients have other alternatives for their legal needs.


We value engagement in the local community and pro bono work for those less fortunate.  We recognize the legal profession has a unique role to play in serving the public just as our clients make important contributions to the community.  Collectively, these contributions make the Triangle a world class region and sustain the businesses which operate here.  We do not view community engagement as a separate activity but as central to the practice of law.

Morningstar Law Group marks a new beginning for legal services in the Triangle.  Building a premier business law firm in today’s world requires a different approach.  It demands a new model, using modern technology and maximizing efficiencies.  It reorders the work environment to enhance productivity and client service.  Most importantly, it puts clients first by delivering affordable, sophisticated services that produce results to the clients’ bottom line.

We invite you to learn more about us on our website and we look forward to partnering with you.