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Intellectual Property & Technology


Your trademarks — a name, logo, tagline, or design used with your goods or services — are often what defines your company. It’s what uniquely distinguishes your brand from the competition, and it demands strong legal protection.

The trademark attorneys at Morningstar Law Group work with clients of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in every industry imaginable — to ensure they have the correct strategies in place to fully protect and capitalize on their trademarks and service marks. From single registrations to international filings, we can assist you with clearing, registering, maintaining, licensing, and protecting your marks in the United States and around the world.

There are millions of trademark applications filed worldwide every year. Each effort to register a mark comes with its own set of challenges. Our attorneys have the experience to help you navigate those potential minefields and protect, grow and increase the value of your brand.

Once a client intends to use, or begins using, a mark, our trademark attorneys work closely with them to defend their brand from those who threaten it. That includes challenges that have become commonplace in today’s digital world, from cybersquatting to the fraudulent representation of brands online and other bad faith efforts. Morningstar Law Group protects its clients through all manner of dispute-related proceedings, including oppositions, cancellations, cease and desist letters, UDRP complaints, and enforcement litigation.

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