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Ever since the first U.S. copyright was registered in 1790, individuals and institutions have been fighting to ensure their creative works are properly protected by law. In today’s digital world, where works are more widely distributed and available than ever before, the door is open to a new world of licensing opportunities and a much greater threat of copyright infringement.

Copyright law is both complex and subtle. The copyright lawyers at Morningstar Law Group know the intricacies of the law and work closely with a wide range of clients — from authors, musicians, photographers and filmmakers to architects, software developers and healthcare technology providers — to optimize the value of their copyright portfolio and protect it from infringement. Our knowledge and experience enable clients to obtain the most robust protection conceivable for their copyrightable works.

Our attorneys assist copyright owners and licensees with domestic and international registration, licensing and sublicensing matters, agency agreements, production services agreements, intellectual property audits and evaluations, and related issues. We also work with copyright owners to rigorously enforce copyright protections or defend against allegations of unauthorized use, through litigation when necessary, throughout North Carolina and across the United States.

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