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Licensing and Business Transactions

When you run a company, small or large, a crucial part of your operations revolves around contracts. Whether you are developing new technologies on your own or collaborating with others, you need the proper agreements in place. The same is true whether you are involved in manufacturing goods, licensing intellectual property, or delivering services.

Our business and technology attorneys work with companies to efficiently and effectively review, draft and negotiate a full range of sophisticated and complex agreements on behalf of our clients, including those involving research and development, licensing agreements, confidential information, strategic alliances, reseller arrangements, information technology, and countless other areas.

Morningstar Law Group’s experienced business transaction lawyers are adept at negotiating all types of commercial transactions, small or large, and guiding you through the process from start to finish. After learning your business goals and strategies, we bring a practical approach to transactions designed to achieve those goals while minimizing risk and protecting your long-term interests.

Our Licensing and Business Transactions Attorneys