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Privacy and Data Security

There’s a treasure trove of sensitive personal information held in an ever-increasing number of databases — from names, phone numbers, physical addresses, and e-mail addresses, to buying history, social security numbers, medical records, checking account details, employment files, and so much more. Being trusted to keep that information safe and secure is an immense responsibility.

One challenge: the laws governing privacy and data security are constantly shifting. As new technologies and threats emerge, new privacy concerns arise, and new laws are introduced, it can be difficult to navigate such a complex landscape and ensure your business is in compliance.

Our information security and privacy lawyers work closely with businesses to comply with state, federal and international laws, regulations and frameworks, including: FERPA and related rules governing academic institutions; HIPAA and related rules governing healthcare providers; GDPR, Privacy Shield and other international regulations; CCPA and other individual state laws; and a host of other privacy and data security laws.

In addition, we assist our clients with preparing pertinent and accurate privacy policies and statements, as well as reviewing and negotiating information security and other contracts involving the collection, use, storage, processing, and sharing of personal information. When data breaches occur, our privacy and data security lawyers work closely with clients to communicate with those affected and comply with all applicable disclosure requirements.

Keeping sensitive information safe and secure — in a manner compliant with a host of domestic and international laws — is a never-ending challenge. With our experienced team of privacy and data security attorneys by your side, you can rest assured with a new sense of safety and security yourself.

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