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Opportunity Zones

A growing number of businesses and real estate developers are exploring investments in economically distressed areas, thanks to a Congressional program established in 2017 that offers significant tax breaks for those who make long-term investments in designated Opportunity Zones across North Carolina.

The eligibility rules can be complex. Investments must be made through a Qualified Opportunity Fund that meets specific IRS and Treasury Department regulations, and the value of tax benefits depends on the length of the investment. If new Opportunity Zone investments are held for 10 years or longer, no capital gains taxes are due on the capital gains realized from the sale or exchange of those investments.

Our experienced attorneys work with you to manage all aspects of Opportunity Zone investments and maximize available tax benefits. Our law firm is intimately familiar with Opportunity Zone requirements, enabling us to help ensure projects qualify for tax breaks and maintain eligibility throughout the life of the investment.

There are 252 Opportunity Zones in North Carolina. Click here to see where they are located.

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