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Gift with Purpose

When we started to look for a meaningful gift that we could share with our clients and friends, our goal was to find an item that would be both useful and meaningful. We have nothing against coffee cups and pens, but we’ve all received them and they often wind up in the back of our cabinets, drawers, or worse. Our search didn’t take long.

The glasses you received were crafted by Refresh Glass. Refresh shares our goal of moving beyond one and done gifts and is on a mission the benefit our environment by rescuing and repurposing 10,000,000 discarded wine bottles.

The story behind your gift doesn’t end with Refresh. We shine at delivering legal services but struggle with tieing respectable-looking bows. We were so happy to find Gabi’s Grounds! Beyond just wrapping gifts, Gabi’s mission is to empower the special abilities communities to find their place in the world and enjoy fulfillment in everything they do.

We hope you enjoy using your gift as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!