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Attorney Mitch Tuchman’s Creative Approach to Support Regional Literary, Arts & Cultural Non-Profits During the Pandemic

April 23, 2020

Mitch Tuchmann - Intellectual Property Attorney - Copyright Lawyer Durham
Attorney Mitch Tuchman

Literary, arts and cultural organizations might be hard-pressed in the best of times to afford legal services, but these are not the best of times.  Even though intellectual property might not come to mind as a priority for such entities, it is often the essence of what they offer their patrons both live and online.  With doors locked and revenues curtailed, legal services in the fields of copyright, trademark and related licensing might be relegated to post-COVID-19 wish lists. 

To address these needs now, attorney Mitch Tuchman is offering to provide up to five hours of pro bono intellectual property legal services to qualified North Carolina non-profit corporations in the literary, arts and cultural space through June 30, subject to the firm’s conflicts check and client intake procedures.  Please contact Mr. Tuchman directly by phone (919-590-0390) or e-mail ( if you are interested in discussing this initiative.  Feel free to share this news with other 501(c)(3) organizations that might also benefit.