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Featured Project – The Halle Companies Obtains Approval of VIRIDIS: a Vibrant, Sustainable Mixed-Use Development in West Cary

March 9, 2024

Morningstar Law Group is proud to have assisted the Halle Companies with the development of VIRIDIS: a mixed-use project within the Town of Cary’s Green Level West Destination Center. With Morningstar’s counsel, Halle Companies received unanimous approval for the development. VIRIDIS is entitled for 1300 multifamily units, 150 hotel rooms, 20,000 square feet of retail space, and 250,000 square feet of office space.

VIRIDIS creates opportunities for living, working and shopping within a single development. Easy access to transportation networks will reduce congestion and create a walkable, livable community. The multi-family housing in VIRDIS will provide density, which increases affordable housing opportunities, and with the living space in such close proximity to dining, retail and workspace, the development will be a holistic living experience attractive to a wide variety of people—including singles, married couples, families with children, or empty-nesters looking to downsize.

Ample open green spaces and gathering locations for residents and shoppers are featured throughout the project. Also included are separate bike and pedestrian facilities, increasing the quality-of-life residents will enjoy. VIRIDIS will be an aesthetically pleasing, unified community that has the benefit of reducing sprawl, congestion, and pollution while providing much needed housing.

VIRIDIS has been years in the making. Beginning in 2020, with the assistance of Jason Barron and the Morningstar Law Group land use team, Halle Companies assembled the land and attained entitlements, working with a team that includes McAdams, Kimley-Horn, Deacon Development Group, and Soil & Environmental Consultants.

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