Chris Fulmer


Chris Fulmer is a business attorney who practices primarily in technology and corporate law. Chris’s clients have represented a cross-section of North Carolina’s business community, including a rural grocery store, a distillery, internet startups, pharmaceutical companies and a multi-billion-dollar software company. Chris helps his clients buy and sell their businesses, obtain investments, acquire assets and technology, and comply with an expanding body of regulations that govern the internet.

Prior to joining Morningstar Law Group, Chris was the Associate General Counsel to Cato Research LLC, a multinational contract research organization, where he managed every portion of Cato’s legal needs. At Cato, Chris negotiated hundreds of commercial transactions, helped Cato’s venture arm invest in a variety of early-stage companies, and managed a strategic investment by two large private equity firms.

Chris earned his undergraduate degree in Applied Math and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon in 1990, after which he developed software for Nortel until going to law school in 2003. He still uses his software experience not just in his law practice, but also to mentor a high school robotics team.


Chris graduated in 2006, with honors, from the Duke University School of Law where he was the founding Technical Editor of the Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy and an Editor of the Duke Law and Technology Review.

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