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A Spotlight on Black History – Week 3

February 20, 2023

Our Firm’s social committee, led by our amazing associates, is celebrating Black History Month by shining the spotlight on a different Black lawyer, judge, or other trailblazer in North Carolina who impacted the legal profession.

“Throughout history, Black people have faced great adversity in the pursuit of joining the legal profession and achieving equality in the United States. “A Spotlight on Black History” serves as a reminder that Black history is interwoven into the fabric of our profession and essential to where we are today – not only as a profession but as a state and nation.” Associate Attorney Britney Weaver

Attorney Benjamin L. Crump, Born October 10, 1969

Benjamin L. Crump is a native of Lumberton, North Carolina. He is the founder of Tallahassee, Florida-based law firm Ben Crump Law, a civil rights and personal injury law firm.

Crump has been practicing law for over 25 years, and while he has represented a variety of different victims and their families, he is best known for his work as a civil rights attorney. His passion for civil rights work was fueled by Crump’s own experiences with segregation and injustices in the Black community.

Crump is internationally known for his grassroots activism and for taking on high-profile police brutality cases. In 2012, Crump took on the Trayvon Martin case that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. Since then, Crump has represented the families of countless victims, including Michael Brown, George Floyd, Botham Jean, Keenan Anderson, and Tyre Nichols.

As an advocate for Black and marginalized communities across the nation, Crump has consistently given a voice to the voiceless in the national and international media and helped steer the conversation on police brutality in America.

This month, St. Thomas University in Florida renamed its law school Benjamin L. Crump College of Law, making it the first law school in the United States to be named after a currently practicing Black attorney. The only other law school in the nation named after a Black attorney is at Texas Southern University, which is named after Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall – the very person who inspired Crump to become an attorney.

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