Copyright and Licensing

Copyright law offers a rich and varied trove of infinitely divisible rights. One series of fantasy novels can generate English- and foreign-language editions, hardcovers and softbounds, ebooks and audio books, large-print editions for the visually impaired and graphic editions for the text-averse, motion pictures as well as their prequels and sequels, television series and spinoffs, live stage presentations, video games and board games, theme-park attractions, and a boundless variety of souvenir merchandise. Value accrues through widespread use and aggressive, imaginative licensing.

U.S. copyright law provides exclusive rights to authors both individual and corporate. Owners of copyright may exercise these rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, and display their works and create derivative works, or they may authorize others to do so, notably in the form of options and licenses. The copyright law is long, complex and subtle. Morningstar Law Group is with you every step of the way.

Our attorneys are committed to helping copyright owners and licensees optimize the value of their rights, bolstering that value domestically and internationally through registration, licensing and sublicensing, agency agreements, production services agreements, intellectual property audits and evaluations, funding, and rigorous enforcement, which may involve litigation. We assist clients with the authorized use of third-party rights as well and with avoidance of liability with respect to rights of privacy and publicity. Our intellectual property litigators pursue infringers and defend against allegations of infringement throughout North Carolina and across the United States.

Our clients, large and small, include:

  • •Authors, joint authors and their respective employers and estates
  • •For-profit entities and such not-for-profit entities as colleges and universities, museums, theatrical companies, and other cultural institutions
  • •Print and digital publishers
  • •Filmmakers and others in the entertainment industry
  • •Software developers and and website owners
  • •Healthcare technology providers
  • •Photographers
  • •Musicians
  • •Architects and real estate owners and developers

To be done well copyright registration requires strategic thinking, and knowledge of the work to be protected and exploited, as well as the most predictable threats of infringement. Our attorneys work closely with clients to achieve the most robust protection conceivable at the time of registration.

Regardless of the challenge, Morningstar provides the counsel that our clients need to make the best decisions for the realizing the value of their copyright portfolios.

Morningstar’s copyright and licensing attorneys are:

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